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One of the most popular Thai curry is the Green Curry. Thai Green Curry Recipe can be made with Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish or even vegetables. The Green Curry Recipe below is made with Beef but you can easily subsitute with chicken or fish or vegetables. The name "green" curry derives from the color of the dish. Green curries tend to be as hot as red curries, however they tend to have a definite sweet taste. This is one of the most popular thai curry dishes and available in all Thai restaurants.
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This dish is an excellent hot thick tomato/garlic dish. Full of flavour and heat. Not a hard dish to make. It is best served with warm home-made naan bread and rice. Spent many hours perfecting this dish along with other curries I make.

Chicken Chilli Masala Recipe submitted by bigsuggy.

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Mouth watering chicke drumsticks recipe. These baked chicken drumsticks taste every bit as good as they look!. Follow this easy recipe on how to make chicken drumsticks.

Submitted by alianaseem.

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Korma dish originates from South Asia which is made with yoghurt, cream, nut and seed pastes or coconut milk. Chicken Korma is a type of curry dish. You can make Korma by following this Korma Recipe which can be used for vegetarian and non-vegetarian korma dish. The Recipe below is for making Chicken Korma Recipe also referred to as Chicken Korma Curry Recipe. Korma is very popular in Indian restaurants in the United Kingdom.
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Navratan Korma is popular Indian Vegetable Korma curry made with nuts, raisins, malai, carrots, cashews and many other ingredients.  The Navratan Korma Recipe below makes a tasty curry dish where all the spices and ingredients fuse together to give an authentic Korma flavour.

The Korma Recipe below is in a tomato-cream sauce as opposed to the usual yogurt based sauce. 'Navratan' means 'nine gems,' so choose nine of the vegetables and nuts. You can leave out ingredients you don't want to use, or substitute them if you feel adventurous.

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Chicken Tikka Masala originated in the UK. The Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe below  is broken into two parts, Tikka and Masala (sauce). This is one of my favourite and best chicken tikka masala recipes. You can make and follow this recipe at home and enjoy the authentic taste of chicken tikka masala curry.

This must be one of most popular Indian Curry Dish that got popularized by the British around the world. So try this recipe for chicken tikka masala and spread the work - Chicken Tikka Masala is GREAT!!!

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This is a Malayali Pepper Chicken Recipe. This hot dish goes well with chapati or naan. Follow this yummy recipe for pepper chicken but be warned its hot hot hot but also yummy yummy yummy.

Many thanks to Jzeenath2003 for submitting this recipe for Malayali Pepper Chicken.

This is a chinese recipe for Soup with Meat Balls but prepared in Indian style. Of course its a little hot but try out this recipe for Soup with Meat Balls and you will be impressed.

Thanks to Jzeenath2003 for submitting Soup with Meat Balls Recipe.

Yummy Tasty Chicken Recipe submitted by Jzeenath2003.

This recipe for yummy tasty chicken is from my mom who is a great cook. As this is a favourite dish for our whole family she prepares it very often. We have this tasty chicken for rice and also for chappatis.You can also try this and definitely you will enjoy it.

Bhindi Masala is a popular main course Vegetable Curry that is served with curd and Roti. Follow this Bhindi Masala Recipe and enjoy the taste of Okra Masala curry also knows as Bhindi Masala Curry. This recipe is also referred to as Bhindi Fry or Fried Bhindi.

I am not the biggest fan of Okra (Lady Finger) but have to admit this Bhindi fry recipe was yummy and will be making again very soon.

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Learn to make Lamb Bhuna by following this classic Indian Lamb Bhuna recipe. Lamb sauteed in onions, tomatoes and a fine selection of Indian Herbs and Spices, slow-cooked to get a flavoursome, aromatic and spicy Lamb Bhuna.

There are many different Lamb Bhuna Recipes but this one is my favourite because its easy to make and taste just like the restaurant.

Spinach Curry with Dal is one of my favourite curry dishes. It is tasty and healthy with lots of iron and protein. The Spinach Curry Recipe is actually my aunt's who has kindly allowed me to put it on my Website.

Follow this easy to make spinach recipe and enjoy some delicious and healthy Indian curry food.

This is a recipe for Muli Mutton, kindly shared by Sheila Sharma.

I'm sharing this recipe with all of you. My mom cooks this dish very well and she insisted me to put it on the net for you all to relish it as well.

It’s a very tasty mutton recipe and easy to make. If you like it, please write your comments to lovetocook123@gmail.com

This is a recipe for Peas and Mutton Curry, kindly shared by Sheila Sharma.

This is a very tasty peas and mutton recipe. It can be made with chicken too.

Please try it out and let me know your opinions and suggestions to lovetocook123@gmail.com. I’ll be looking forward to your comments.

Sarson Ka Saag is a true Punjabi Recipe. In Punjab, you will find makkai ki roti and sarson da saag being served for breakfast or lunch in most households. Due to its ingredients, Sarson Ka Saag recipe is very high in nutrients. Sarson means Mustard Leaves.

So follow this simple recipe for Sarson Ka Saag and enjoy the best of Punjabi cuisine.

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