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The term curry is broadly used, in English and refers to any spiced, sauce-based dishes cooked in Indian cuisine including various southern and southeastern Asian styles. Generally any side dish made with gravy, vegetables and/or meat is referred to as a "curry" - especially the yellow and red, powders and sauces with high proportions of turmeric. Sometimes a Curry Dish in Indian cuisine is also referred as a side dish with gravy.

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In India the word "curry" is predominantly used in South Indian cuisine. It is referred to as "sabzi" in the north Indian cuisine. In Northern India, it usually means "gravy". Certain Indian spices when mixed together, are sometimes referred to as "masala". Curry Powder and Garam Masala are both used frequently and referred to as masalas.  Curries can be made with either vegetables or meat as the main ingredient.

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Contrary to popular belief, Indian Cuisine is not just about balti food, hot chillies and oil! The most common thread that binds Indian Food is the use of Spices. Most Curries are associated with the use of spices and greater selection of vegetables. Curries totally depend on the use of spices. Curry Recipe is a blend of the finest of spices which have the aromatic and strong flavor of rich and balanced palette.

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